You might have read it in the news:

the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is halving Techleap’s budget. Worrying? Not at all! We like a challenge and our goal only got bigger. 

In 2019, we started our mission to create a thriving ecosystem for Dutch start-ups and scale-ups. Since then, we’ve seen a tremendous growth of investments, talent and jobs.

Dutch tech founders solve big, hairy problems. They create new markets and tomorrow’s jobs. They vitalise the economy. And our goal is to build the leading tech ecosystem in Europe.

We are overwhelmed by the many messages of support and offers to contribute. Therefore we invite everyone who supports us: founders, venture capitalists, corporates, regional ecosystem builders, knowledge institutions and anyone who believes in our mission, to:

support that goal with a pledge.

How do we use our funds?

We build communities, run programmes, host events, give access to resources, share expertise, analyse and monitor progress and help the government design smart tech policy. With access to knowledge, connections and investors, we empower the people that solve tomorrow's problems. 

Secure our future with tech entrepreneurship

Our goal is to be the most connected, top-performing European tech ecosystem. By leading innovation in areas like climate tech, energy transition, cyber security, foodtech and health, it secures a liveable planet, but also jobs, access to food and much more. Let’s show everyone that we can lead the way.

Less budget presents a nice challenge!

A challenge equals an opportunity. Instead of shrinking along with our budget cut, it’s time to put our entrepreneurial mindset to work. We will work relentlessly to provide added value for Dutch tech founders and help them scale. 

I think boosting the tech ecosystem is important and I’m happy to support it, either financially or with my time.

Your pledge would make all the difference to help our ecosystem grow. You can invest money, time, mentoring, sharing your connections or expertise.

We will get in touch with you asap!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact